Welcome to the Enchanted Orb!

Enchanted Orb has been created especially to help to develop the mental and spiritual potential of the Being.  Physical health depends a lot upon the equilibrium between the mind and the spirit.  Our experience confirms that many men and women seek higher spirituality to satisfy the other areas of their lives.  We do not intend to carry out the work alone, but we focus our attention on the way of life, the desires, and the individual talents that each of us have in order to realize their greater potential.

 Enchanted Orb believes that through awakening the spiritual potential the virtues of joy and the satisfaction of success in the world practically realize themselves, without the need to tempt the spirit with other practices that bind human beings to episodes of despair and anguish.  We believe in the flow of the water, in the heat of creativity, in the framework and the extension of thought, but above all in the realization of the desires that depend on the harmony among the four elements inside the Being.

 Our practices are based upon a thorough knowledge of human psychology and of the close connection it has to find answers through the old arts of tarot and astrology.  Our readings are linked with the development of your soul and we seek to counsel and to help your understanding of the road that you travel with all the love and the determination to be able to help you break down the chains that bind you to the past or that keep you far away from the God that is the source of love and prosperity.

 At Enchanted Orb we believe that everything is energy.  We have experienced the various types of energy that will enhance your magic experience.  We hope to attract many powers to work with you and the Enchanted Orb will be the portal through which you will connect with them.


3 Responses to “Welcome to the Enchanted Orb!”

  1. Iris Says:

    Lupita, I went to your WebSite and it is Fantastic! The best I have ever seen. Whoever created it did such a superb job. It is very easy to navigate and is fun to discover all the interesting items on the site.
    I will return often and look forward to reading your blog. keep them coming.

  2. Elisa y Luis Says:

    Hola Lupita,

    Esta muy padre tu pagina! Definitivamente la vamos a recomendar porque tienes mucha informacion interesante que vale la pena consultar, y lo mejor es que tambien esta en espanol! para los que no entendemos el ingles como yo (tu hermana, claro) ji,ji Te deseamos lo mejor y estamos seguros que te va a ir muy bien.

    No dejes de avisarnos de las actualizaciones que le hagas ok? Esperamos verte pronto. Un abrazote a ti y a Colby!

  3. Shangkala Says:

    We like your article about ORBS. Make us connected. We’d like to share our team experience about ORBS! Please see this link :

    May all be useful for your community also.
    Light is You
    ; )
    Shangkala Team

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