Cleaning your house…happy 2010

The year of the tiger is not coming yet. I know that. So I should wait to give you some advices in order to receive that sensual and dare animal with joy and power. Before I’ve chosen to let you know some important things to remain positive during the first twelve days of January. Some people think that this is all made of superstitions, that we are ignorant if we really think that energy has its own mood. It does, but even if you don’t want to believe in that, it does exist.

Have you ever think about the energy that surrounds you? Sometimes we are so selfish that we think that the only energy is the one that we project. The energy of the earth is powerful and it is conscious, it thinks and feels just like we do and it also express itself in a language that sometimes we have the time and sensitivity to understand. When it’s raining you feel moody, so the earth does.

As I said about feng shui: if you consider your house as an extension of yourself, you will receive easier and faster all the good things that life has there for you, but if you are complaining all the time about everything, life is going to try but it will only find a big wall and it is going to wait until you break your own negative thoughts to get into your life. That is why when you clean your house through some natural method you increase the chances to let the chi flows all over your expectations. Each room has its own personality, color and gifts to give you, but with all the flow of energy that you put on it during the 2009, maybe it is harder for it to show what it is made of.

That is why the earth is sacred, it is our home and we have to show some respect beginning in our own houses. If we don’t respect our own place, we are not able to respect nature if we go outside. This is a good time to show how much you care about nature, creating a cleaning space in your own place of living or work.

If you’ve not written your resolutions for 2010, I recommend you do it because no matter to write them or not, the year of theTiger comes prepared to push you and if you are wandering between one or the other dream, you better have in mind the projects that you have left forgotten… but before talking about the year of the Tiger… What about cleaning your space of work or even your house? Clean your House and move away from all vibrations that you received during the 2009. Yes, I know what you might be thinking. That is a ritual for New Year’s Eve or that has to be done during the January first. I know that, but we have twelve days, it doesn’t matter if the first is gone, the only thing that really matters is that you want to release all the bad and stressful relationship that you had with your house last year. Don’t you want to do so? Aren’t you tired enough of all the stress that you have been carrying? Nature is wise, nature has all the ingredients to help you, and nature gave the Native American people the meaning of the holly sage. You just have to let the smudge burn, it doesn’t matter how much you believe, how much you really care. Nothing really matters, only to let the bad and tide energies to walk away. You want to flow with life and your house is also tired of all the vibrations coming from every part of the city. You love your house and you want also to give her the chance to break free.
Get a smudge of dry Sage. If you live in Mexico is harder to find good sage but it can be easily replaced by some copal or other resin. Light the chosen herb and walk to the last room from your house allowing the smoke to cover each part of the room or the place. Pray something, you can find a nice prayer to let the universe know that you want to release all the bad energies of your house. If you live in an apartment, don’t listen what your neighbors might think about what you are doing. I have a neighbor just besides my suite and he thought I was smoking pot. When I heard that I walked to his office and shown him the sage. Is not that I cared; it is because of security things. At my house every day I use a different herb and nobody has complained about it. I know that all the herbs have a very particular aroma but not all have the same effect that marihuana may have. It smells like if you are burning grass, the Sage helps remove old issues and feel that our House is clean in an energy level. That is all.
Open all Windows to let the smoke also exit. There are some traditions they offer to the god of wind their prayers, if you like the idea, write in a paper your wishes for this year, burn them and let the wind do the rest.
But, well, let’s assume that you tell me: “The last time that l cleaned with Sage, firefighters arrived because of the smoke. Since then I refused to burn any kind of grass” . Perfect. I have heard that alarms were triggered as a result of the smoke. There are two options: or you burn on little or better get a diffuser and pure essential oils that can act similarly to the Sage or the copal without generating huge quantities of smoke.
Among the best are the following oils:

Don’t use rose oil, nor jazmin, or even bergamot to clean your House. We need strong, spicy; fragrances to allow penetrate up to the last energy layer and clean it thoroughly. One important thing: They must be natural essences. I don’t really recommend buying one of those mini tiny oils that are only greasy and smell like I don’t know what kind of plant. It has to be one made with natural ingredients. You can find them in any organic store. What is the difference between the fake oils and the aromatherapy ones? Easy: They are colorless. Some of them (such as tangerine or orange) may have a soft yellow color, this is because of the extraction, and it is something normal. Maybe they are not as cheap as the other ones, but what you are looking for are results, not just make the room to smell nice.

After you burn the sage or the aromatherapy oil, light a white candle honoring the light that is coming into your life and which lives now in your sacred space. Consider that your home is an extension of your own energy and just like you keep clean your physical body you also want your house or your room to be free of all negativity.

Allow yourself to view your House or room as something beautiful, if you don’t like your House, it will be difficult to find a better one in the future, bless that you have a home and you’ll see how the Divine works for you to give you during this year the opportunity to find the house of your dreams and the best way to get it. Just try to stay with a positive attitude at least the first twelve days of the year. I know, sometimes is hard, but it is not impossible. Ask your guardian angels to help you, tell them how important is for you to keep those 12 days happy, if you manage it, you are going to see miracles happen soon.

Smile to everyone, smile to yourself.

Happy new year!

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