First your blood line then…Haiti

Sounds out of place, repulsive and even cruel. Haiti is suffering, thousands of people lost their homes, and many corpses lay deep in the ruins. And the title says: “First your relatives, your brothers, sisters, father and mother…then Haiti” Haiti, a country that has more inhabitants than food, more losses than gains, more energy and superstitions than many others.
Probably what they need the most right now is help, not prayers, but practical help. I know some people who are worried about Haiti. They don’t have any relative in Haiti. They don’t even know some person from Haiti. Even though they are giving money, they have a new phrase in my space: Donate $10 dollars if you are poor; give more if you are rich for our brothers and sisters from Haiti.
What if you don’t do anything? Does that make you a bad person? Does that mean that you don’t care about the world? But you are helping in some way to your blood sister and brother, you are trying hard to help you parents, to give some food to an animal or pet, or you are being stubborn about don’t letting the tragedies of the actual world touch your positive soul.
I would like to say that the God and the Divine Goddess of Haiti (they have a lot of deities) have always protected their people. It might sound wear, I know, sending an earthquake, what kind of love is that? Have we thought about Haiti before? No, we didn´t. The universe helps even behind of a tragedy. The world gather forces and remember the little and dusty Haiti; poor, forgotten, a piece of land floating. Suddenly we found out that Haiti was there and has always been poor, that most of their inhabitants are starving and that they have a lot of deities who care about them in ways that we don’t find refundable. When you think about wealth you can’t imagine a god that is cheap, he offers you economic goods, otherwise, and you try to find another God who can supply your needs. While we find the issue of divinity depending on how much financial growth we can meet in our finite world, the people of Haiti must use their wisdom of their gods and deities to survive, not to buy a bmw, no, but to survive and give food to their bellies.
Before trying too hard to save the dignity of the world, think first about your blood line. Are you suffering because of the people of Haiti? Do you feel some kind of pressure in your heart and you just want to hold the tears? Do you feel hurt watching or hearing about their misery? Have you ever thought about yourself? About giving you a chance to be happy, to release the pain, the past, to see your future as something that can be rebuilt, just like a building that suffer an earthquake but a lot of invisible and visible beings are surrounding you in your present day?. Have you ever think about your brother, your sister, your mother, your cousins, your nephew, your grandparents, even that one that is not with us because he’s death and nobody has gone to clean his grave?
I’m still young; I know I am just beginning my path to get some wisdom. I don’t know how many lives I need to reborn in order to be just light. What I’ve learned last weekend is that before you feel the pain of the others, think about the pain that still run inside your blood and that is calling you. Think about your relatives and the best way to offer your gifts. Make a list with their names, draw a tree with beautiful branches, think in the place you were growing, think about all your relatives who grew or help you during your development, people who have help you and that probably know they are far away and with conflicts related to the past. Lit a candle, it could be light blue or pink, ask for the intervention of the angels of hope and forgiveness. Think about the past, about the way things were going when all of you were in complete harmony. Remember that angels can’t be beside you if you have negative thoughts. So, smile and offer the peace in your heart to obtain a resolution that helps you cleaning your path from obstacles of the past.
I would like to invite you to observe your family tree and thank by the enormous fortune that your blood line has had to go entering more and more branches. At the beginning it was just a tiny seed, but inside of itself it wanted to live and to spread through other human beings; vulnerable but restless. Then… think of Haiti. If you have any brother, cousin, brother-in-law, nephew who is unemployed or feel needs a little help, do not resist and make a call. Sometimes you just have to spend as mucho as a sound to make changes in others that will help you feel worthy.
Keep asking the angels to open their hearts so that any offense of the past is resolve in the astral plane.
There is nothing more negative in our lives that being unable to forgive our blood line relatives. It is like a curse that flows or stops the flowing of good things in our current of life. You don’t have to walk inside their houses, begging for forgiveness, no, you just have to request God and have an open heart. God, the universe and the angels will do the rest with their power.
The moon is in waxing Pisces. We become closer to the spirit realm. Feel the emotion of the goddess flowing all over your belly, write a poem to God or to a lover, sprinkle some cinnamon and burn it in a magic blue candle. Dance, move your body, feel your muscles, inspire some ylang ylang essential oil. This time is for you, make it special.
Good Luck and God bless your intentions. Blessings to the people of Haiti.

2 Responses to “First your blood line then…Haiti”

  1. Colby Says:

    Good job, my Fififififififi

  2. Enchanted Orb Says:

    Thank you, bubu!

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