My spiritual guide…a vampire

I was recently reading the personality of the erotic and tanatic characters. Both words are derived from the Greek and while eros represents life, Tanatos death. I believe that the lineage of a vampire must always come mixed. Father gives seed smelling to death, with melancholy and contempt for what is innovative, son or daughter extract themselves force to become something greater than tanatos and discover life through eroticism but with the pain of the gene on chromosome tanatos. Vampires have nothing attractive; are grotesque, its metamorphosis is tormenting and the work of their souls is never clear. In the light of day they move in shadows that tremor, evenings, everything becomes fantasy and they leave wanting to be confused with laughter and fashion of human beings. It was doing a meditation where I found that I had more vampires in my subconscious than I though. While meditating I believed that for the very first time I was going to be able to look into de eyes of my spiritual guide, If I had one, of course. I got in this deep relaxation state, the delta one and what I discovered was far away from that beautiful being full of light and with wings made of the same ingredient that I cloud in paradise might be done. I saw instead collapse a roof and emerge from it a saturated bat cave. I considered approaching one of them and talk like decent people of their eagerness to chase me. I was surprised to notice that the bloodsucker was transformed into Batman and to distinguish it was harmless and even a super hero. I followed him; the place was dark and solitaire. I thought that my life or spirit, or wherever was inside that meditation, was in danger and that my only hope was to trust and follow that bat. I got closer to him, expecting his eyes to move forward me. I caught him and in telepathy I asked him:
– What would you feel if instead of the Archangel Michael your spirit guide is a…vampire?
– Lethal
– Well, that is how I feel, I am a spiritual advisor. How could this be possible? Am I a bad person?
– Are you?

I left the trance, gave a deep breath of air and looked around to find out if someone else was out there. “Can’t be, not, not be.” A vampire, not a little angel with pink bubbles and children’s wings instead I felt Batman, nothing more and nothing less than a vampire as a guide. What can I learn from a vampire who don’t already know? What are people going to think? That perhaps vampires have a God? What kind of God is that?. The confusion was all over my head, spinning and knocking. My heart was disappointed, full of disgrace. I have to admit that several of my characters are vampires and I found them fascinating, their stories are so grateful just as they might feel the blood of a victim running through their veins. But having a vampire as spirit guide was completely different. One thing is to have a vampire as a friend, where both can share dreams and nightmares, not guidance.
Probably inside of me I wanted to probe that I am as good as Silvia Brown and just like her I had some Hindu guide that is honorable and shining. I read her book, adventures of a psychic, and before that I didn’t know that those spirits existed. Even though I started dreaming about the way my spirit guide might look, I found out the truth, last Saturday. Silvia Browne has Francine, a native woman in his early 30s. She gave her a lot of information about the realms of the spirit and about all the beautiful things human souls live when they crossover. Everything is so beautiful that you just want to die to feel and experience all the good things that you find there.
Sonia Chocrette Guide (I can’t remember his name) also seems to be a friendly spirit that decided to accompany her during her journey through the Earth to help other souls to find the true path in their lives. That is what I do, that is what I tried to do every time that I have a reading: help them to see clearly their path, which is full of joy and good expectations.
To me, however, and not complaining I had as a company a vampire, a good one but a vampire.
Those who in my childhood and adolescence I feared are those who have accompanied me all this time. There be more frightening in my childhood that the brothers Usher, the cataleptic sister scratching the surface of a coffin with her bloody fingers, losing all the innocence and youth juice to transform into an old woman with elastic and white hair. I do not know which version I’ve seen, what I do remember is that that scene marked my life completely and since then I was afraid to sleep anywhere enclosed site and, rather than protect my younger sister of ghosts and demons, she protected me with her presence. Then I discovered Dracula, Fright Night and another vampire saga. Not only slept in open and protected places, but also with a huge cross hung in the chest and garlic behind the bedroom that stink like hell. Later I felt in love with one of the actors of a movie called the lost boys. I used to watch over and over the scene in which Jason Patric wants to deny his new personality. The lost boys viewed again and again thinking that Jason Patric was the sexiest man in the world and that could either defeat all these nocturnal creatures made me feel better. In those days there was no dvd but CVR and while I shaken of fear through terrifying scenes, the face of the actor flew by my eyes as defeating the Dark Angel. I had insomnia for two decades imagining that the vampires of Fright Night would in any omission on my part to devour my neck. Is it not ironic? The spiritual guide committed their time to serve humans, to give us information and clarity to get faster to the divine design has God for us. Why we all imagine that our guide is nothing more and nothing less than a Hindu Holy committed to the highest levels to give us what we need when in reality we all have various spirits that without being Saints also have much to teach us, while the Archangel Michael is humanitarian and its energy is present at all times when invoked their protection. Well, then. What should I felt offended?
By prejudice. See, the truth, What do you think about a vampire? What will you think if somebody tells you that it has a guide related to the underworld? I guess there is one of two thoughts. You will radiate that special and wondering smile all over your face thinking that it would be awesome or you will walk away from me, saying that I am the antichrist or one of his daughters. Regardless the place where vampires live or in the fourth dimension or in the eighth, it may cause attraction and horror when we think have one close. There are people who are now excited about vampires, wanting to meet and interact with a vampire to enjoy sexual fulfillment or to disguise I don’t know what frustration with some dark melancholy. I don’t think that vampires are evil, I believe that from the moment that I noticed the conversion of humanity towards the essence of the Vampire, I felt attraction rather than repulsion or fear. Even when writing these words of liking I must warn all of you to invoke the power of a vampire. Is not romantic, is not funny, is not even sexual, is more than that, is like feeling so much adrenaline running through your veins and sometimes that causes an indescribable terror. They usually don’t show mercy at all. One night I dreamed of several vampires, drawing a circle and dug a hole by where one by one started jumping until I also jumped. It was the most unseen force and fear that I had ever experienced, they weren’t harming me. They didn´t want that, they just wanted to approach to me in some way that is fun for them, but not for me, of course. The soul is wise and it has a voice that uses in times of need. My invisible throat opened to reach for help. I knew that the help was available and the force of the Archangel Michael came to rescue me. I woke up very upset. I went to meditate and I felt them. I was not disappointed, not afraid, I was just pissed off.
– I don’t like your jokes, so, this is the end of our friendship, I am not going to hear your stories anymore because you are rude and ungrateful.
– Oh, come on, we were just playing!
– Play with your mother, not with me.

Since then, I feel their presence but they never played with me in ways that a find extremely though.
The vampire games know no boundaries. Trigger adrenaline that some of us it is user-friendly but for some others do not. Be care of you in love with a vampire, is not as sweet as shown the Twilight saga, and less even if within you blood line there is any component which they find unpleasant. It has nothing to do with the aristocracy, although most of them have an admirable knowledge, their seduction and respect to humans is not based only on dress in black, paint your nails of metallic blue, use wide-brimmed hat day to cover you from harmful rays of the Sun. They laugh of certain persons per draw their attention. I can even tell you that they consider this kind of destruction offensive and inadequate. I’m not racist, elitist or sexist, or show difference by any race. They do. If you love death and you think that worship to death or the concept of it makes you be a little vampire, you are wrong. The only beings that you are calling are those that I called demons and not the society of elder vampires. Do you think that vampires are looking or searching recreation with a depressed human being, that doesn’t appreciate the existence?. I started writing this blog about tanatos and eros, they are looking for an erotic version of themselves. An erotic gives them the energy to keep living. But don’t think that erotic means sexual or perverted, no, it means to value life and to go for your dreams, achieving goals and finding life a challenge, also to enjoy food, fragrances, what you see, what you touch, what you hear. You are not afraid to live nor to die, you just live the moment. That is what attracts a vampire, not strings or masochism. They are the sadists and fear of pain. You don’t hurt yourself in order to obtain the attention of a vampire, you don’t have to cut yourself, which is completely out of beauty, and they feel attraction for a beautiful skin and soul. Have you ever seen or read a book about a vampire that cuts some part of its body because of fun or to probe anything? The only time that they accept to be in pain is when decide to give a human soul the chance to become part of the circle. Otherwise they won’t do it.
At the end I just thought. Who is guiding who?


4 Responses to “My spiritual guide…a vampire”

  1. Elisa Says:

    Qué onda?!

    oye ps muchas felicidades por tu aniversario de bodas! dos años ya! no manches, se va el tiempo rapidísimo!
    Qué tal con tu nueva casa? Ya instalada?

    Bueno te dejo y espero respuesta eh?

    Saludos a Colby y a tí por supuesto.

  2. Barnabas Collins Says:

    Thank you for your writing. Vampires are so often misunderstood, hated and feared.

  3. Jennifer Red Says:

    I enjoyed this. Have been told I have a vampire as a guide. I believe it. I have already met him in visions the reader knew nothing of…

    • Enchanted Orb Says:

      Thank you very much, Jennifer. Our search for passion is the structure of having a vampire as an advisor or guide. We need the courage to pursue that passion.

      During these days of rushing, we are not able to feel the pulse of life that is inherent in all of us.

      I know vampires are often seen as creatures of cruelty and sarcasm. However, vampires demonstrate something that is particularly important to all of us: the innocence we need to approach life with excitement, seduction, trust, and the knowledge that we cannot fail.

      This is not about drinking blood; it is about not being afraid of our shadow.

      We are both light and shadow.

      I am glad that you liked the post. Later on we are going to sell some products with the particular touch of my guides: Valentina, Leonardo, Santa, Regina, and Leopoldo, the court of the positive vampires.

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