Waning moon…sad reaction.

I wonder if occasionally you feel the energy falling within your body, if suddenly memories seem too agglomerated all in one place and scream until you notice them open to reveal their presence in our lives. Do you run? Do you avoid them? You feel like your eyes are floating, finding a way to avoid and to rest from all that crying that should be replaced by images of the present, not from the past?. The days are static, you find yourself thinking a lot, wondering the meaning of what surrounds you and not finding any answer.
You hold for the night, you are even happy that when you feel the arms of Orpheus in your body, everything will be fine. Orpheus is late or maybe never came to visit you, your head looks to be made of paper and from the center a big hole opens showing you all those images that you refuse to perceive.
Why if November is too far? Well, between now and November there are varied opportunities to experience the decline of our ecstasy to the underworld and revive experiences that are painful because they are anchored in the deep sea of our emotions. When the experience is removed (solved) is when you are finally displaced by a similar but joyful experience, what ends up fade and we never bother again: we’ve learned our lesson. While we are holding to the branch of the tree giving consent that same experience be repeated again and again, during the waning Moon the memory, not during the new moon, not during the waxing moon, not during the full moon. When the sky above is opening showing a marvelous shining stars but with the missing of the radiant moon, is in that point when everything seems to decline. We are upset, business and sales are moving slower, our emotions bubble behind the curtains of our eyes and all we want is to forget that there is this or that, arrive obsessions, we try to walk inside the ordinary world whereas small is, it delves into the periods when the transit of the water signs (cancer, Scorpion and PISCES) coexist with the moon. What should we do? Not decide by insomnia, by filling our minds with thoughts and activities for “Delete” memories. They are there even though you’re insisting that is returning to them which attract the experience. No, spend some time and look for a nice space where you could be able to see through the fine veil of your inner mind. Try to discern well what kind of thoughts and people seems to be dealing with your head. Are those persons known? Do family members with whom you have a pending emotional debt? Lovers? Do you lost or found love when it was too late? Do broken dreams concerning your career? Traumas from your past or a happy childhood that you pretend to recreate when that stage of your life is over? Have you ever tried to move forward but somehow your feet are stubborn, choosing for you, instead of reaching the dreams that your soul might have and wants to complete? Life, the universe, God, as you like to call it, does not put an emotion in the interior of your body is out of place. Have you seen the rain out of place, falling from the bottom up? No, the rain is the element associated with your emotions, it is just impossible. Put a name to that emotion: desire, hate, frustration, nostalgia, defeat, fragility, sensitivity. What is the name more suitable to define that emotion that keeps flowing inside of your veins? Choose one. Suppose that you always wanted to be part of a team, all your life you did the best you could by being accepted, we will assume that members of the team believed that your qualities were not strong enough as to combat its world, let’s assume that your soul weeping for countless nights, wanting to ask a miracle to attract that quality to its essence, the only thing found during growth was antagonistic side: raise your negatives and show how inadequate you were. You grew and with you a lot of charisma and great opportunities, all your desires were conducted by de divine and never thought about being part of that team anymore, that is what you thought, but the truth is that you never stop wondering or wishing to be accepted and during the waning moon those faces treat you with love and tell you how proud they are of you. You get upset, of course, you just want to shut your eyes and to escape from that view. They weren’t there when you needed them the most, so, it does not matter what they think about you.. One night, during the waning Moon the same dream is repeated again and again: the members of the team accept you now, but ignore the best way of approaching you. You want that out of your thoughts; you think that they never assessed you, that they never cared about you, that they don’t deserve to be in your wonderful mind, you think a lot of bad things, and you wake up upset wondering why you have to deal with this. The two weeks that lasts the waning Moon litter as zombie, do not want to participate with nothing and you feel possessed by a strange energy, that it is not friendly, but indeed wants to strip the own joy. Well, the waning Moon has precisely this activity: help us to recognize that we have grown and occasionally we still have thoughts that cling to the past without taking into account the time elapses and that what was previously a fact is now very different. People change, the energy of love and the reward is moved from one site to another, not stagnates, all the good that you did in your past does not disappear, but it returns to you revealing in dreams and deep emotion states. Also the waning Moon helps us with the communication of our ancestors and loved ones who have already died. At this point they can approaching us by dreams or real experiences and transmit us all love and forgiveness we need. I understand that the waning Moon is the less favorable for many people who want to increase the abundance, attract love or enjoy an increase in their salary. Still, the wheel moves and is impossible to always find it above, the waning Moon helps us with its power to purify us, return us radiating through the pain of memories, to forget about resentments and receive any type of cleaning required need to be able to attract our lives growth we are seeing in the Crescent Moon and the full manifestation of our desire during the full moon. In this time of Waning Moon is good to make changes, throw out all the things that you already don’t use, give purification baths, clean your mind and also your closet getting rid of what you haven´t used in a year. Clean your House with ammonia is excellent idea to open the energy of the Crescent Moon, assertions of cleaning and terminate relations that you no longer agree is the list of favors this energy provides to use it wisely. Regarding dreams, water involves fluidity, allows the life course to take you where you have to be without any resistance. If you dream about someone and water swimming with you that means that sooner or later that person will match and start a new beginning. If you are still thinking of a love which seems you no longer in line, does not have to be so for the rest of your life, get a White Ribbon, write your name at one end of the ribbon and of the person at the other end, turn on a white candle, entangled the Ribbon in sailing and calls you at the time that the candle and the Ribbon match you are ready to break with the person. Our soul is the entire time ready but our ego experiences a deeper attachment, so we have to wait until the ribbon and the light are both together, which is the precise time where we can be able to say good bye and break any attachment. Untied the ribbon and with your scissors cut the middle of it. If you can get a box that simulates a coffin it would be very good, if not any box serves, you can even become more creative and paint with black the outside of the box, place or draw a RIP and put it inside the ground. Dress in black, pray the rosary, you can even go to a church and ask for that soul to have peace after its death. Say good bye to the person, cut the cord, you don’t need it anymore, when you do this, you can even be with the real person in a same place and you won’t feel anything about him or her.
During the years probably your cemetery has been growing a lot, your internal cemetery, it does not matter, the important thing is that memories of love always remains with you and those who were love transmitters, remain locked in a box designed to remind them but also to make them notice that they are no longer in our physical reality. The Waning Moon is also favorable to clean your quartz or magical tools leaving them outdoors throughout a night. This is a great time to purify yourself from old energies, next week the tiger is coming to our lives and we have to be ready!.


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