Angel of the week: welcome angel of cleaning.

You have surely noticed the spots that the rain leaves after the clouds pour all their water. The glass is cover with tiny dusty raindrops. Most people hate that, they over clean after the rain is gone. Even when we brush our teeth, small fragments of the toothpaste are still remaining in our mirror. That is how the doubt is integrated in our thoughts or soul. It is always an eco that floats one way to another trying to confuse our real dreams. God is made of angels, I do think that or He whispers in our internal ears that we should focus in what we really want in life instead of thinking the best way this will happen. The angel of clearing is not completely clean and shining; I guess it is the opposite. Do you want to play with me? That is what says and you can be playing with her removing all the fragments made of thoughts that covers her, then, at the very end you find her as a ray of light that also shows you how brilliant you are and the best way in which you can express that reality. This is a time when the energy is flowing and moving faster than other weeks. Something that has been blocking you is going to be released. All the time that you have been waiting is coming to an end. This could be taken as something positive but its up to you, a relationship that might seen confusing, is coming to an end and you will feel the clearing and clarity of this beautiful angel shining and comforting you during the time of change. Remember: the angels are energy of love and light and they want you to make you feel the love of the universe through your own and self realization. Don’t forget that is the waning moon and cleaning is part of it, especially if the signs Capricorn and acuarious are on its way.


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