Holy Death

The human being is a bag of reactions. The five senses in our body allow us to delight us or feel sick according to our preferences and education. For someone who grew up with the belief that the human skeleton is found in all of us regardless of our racial origin and worship its image has nothing evil or negative, is easy to see the gentle and romantic nature existing in the Saint Dead. Others think that only because it is a scary image, give it the office of evil, jealous, against Jesus and refusal, perhaps is why all of them ignore the mystery that encompasses this deity. I was also one, I have to admit that on various occasions closed my eyes before the statue excelled from the rest of the others. It was huge. Yes, some kind of mystery was to try scrutinized his eyes cavity and noted that only abyss can inhabit them. Here in Phoenix, most hispanics know, respect and ask for favors. Instead of having a picture of the Virgin of Guadeloupe with many red bulbs illuminating her eyes, they have a variety of images and statues of Holy death. Have you tried someone to believe in it, cataloging as bad and dangerous? Have you shocked? Santa Muerte is not a new “thing”, originated much older than the belief of Satan? Death accompanies us since we are born, daily thousands of your body cells die. Santa Muerte is regarded as one of the main in most of the old religions deities. Respecting the transition from life to death because most involved with nature and with the cycles of regeneration. Yes, I understand that the skeleton is not very attractive and fame that has been extended by many mouths as a deity of drug dealers, prostitutes, thieves and murderers or those who want to separate their wives husbands. This is a big mistake if severe, and determines the objective of these people to seek help in a deity that delight helps us look and live life with greater passion, is something which we should try. It is impossible to stop time, is even more difficult to determine the time of our own life transition to another, is cruel to flush the contents of our anger and prejudices about people for their beliefs. Before coming to Phoenix, perhaps I also judged, pretending that only the light should surround human being, keep saying that the angels are emitted light and all species from the underworld are evil, evil and malicious. Now I understand many of Mexicans living here have no choice but to look to Santa Muerte as an ally that provides protection to the huge barbarity of robbery and injustice that illegal immigrants live. It is difficult to ask one of them how they look at five years. “I now look in the mirror and I know that I am alive because tomorrow, not sure where I am going to be” for someone who lives a day there is no better serenity and company to most of the day and night pursued them in their thoughts: the death. I am not referring about the death of the physical body but also as sudden change completely the existence of all of them to be deported or walk running from one side to another hiding their true identity for fear to be incarcerated as. Do you think I’m joking? No. Santa Muerte is a deity that participates in a large cosmic tapestry, directing its energy from all of us during the biggest change requiring. Some use it to evil, perhaps, request its protection when thieves, largest clients when they are prostitutes, her husband as the lover but I also have seen that there are people asking wisdom and achieve a deeper connection with the final concept finished something that does not already in their lives. Nobody can be judged in its deity’s preference.
I have heard countless resources “required” the deity to hear our prayers. Even I remember attending a film where spoke of the deity and left it in very bad concept by crossing out of all the negative issues you can imagine, possessive, thief, controller, looking for revenge. The reality is that Santa Muerte has several personifications and offerings that when we give, are symbolic. It is obvious that to give tequila, cigarettes, sweets, apples, candles, copal and incense, we are accessing to the various forms of getting in contact with a deity that gives us the chance to live our lives before is too late to move forward. I know, you might think that is completely insane, that smoking and drinking are ways to shorter life. Well, the deity is in another dimension and she needs some kind of stimulant to reach you, the incense and candle are tools so you will be able to make contact with her. It is a feedback. From many years ago man has sought to have fun and feel the expansion of life, happiness or sadness in stimulants as the cigarette or tequila, sweets also raise our blood sugar and help the brain feel happy. If we exceed in one of the three, our inventory space is reduced and we can deal with the death gate much sooner than others or who knows? The only people who may know the final day of his life are in the line of death in some jail and still, the circumstances may change and a miracle happen. Meanwhile, death continues walking, helping mankind to recognize cycle closures and to participate more fully in the life of a conscious and guilt-free way. There is nothing sadder to feel guilt and remorse for something that happened in our past and even us pursuing the present. When the Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, meditate in the real meaning of death. What it means to you? If you have a tarot deck, slide down the card 13. What do you see? Think in a white rose, it means innocence. Are you still innocent, wondering that life is good to you or the opposite? Ask the image to reveal its own secrets, ask the image to help you with those resolutions that you haven’t done. Now, if you want to get to Santa Muerte, just, get a purple candle, a copal resin, an amethyst, a white flower, even if you want an apple. You don’t have to buy right now tequila or cigarettes if you are under age and against of using. Choose a poem that you like, light on the purple candle, hold the amethyst quartz in your left hand, burn some incense and extract from your tarot deck, the number 13. You do not be afraid. Read the poem and contemplate the fusion between words and the image of the card. I believe that before asking for a miracle, first one must try to approach to the deity and recognize it as your friend, with another task and power, but first of all you have to know if it is right for you. The other day I was wondering if all deities hear our prayers even if we don’t know much about its origins. I think that they answer because of the powerful content in our words and prayers or because the law of attraction or the universe but if you really want to be called a “Disciple” or even “friend” you need to start having a communication and later you will find that is the best way to produce a miracle in your life. Santa Muerte is the ruler of the House of death and rebirth, its nature is quite intense, passionate and romantic. You can search any of her qualities in the personality of the sign Scorpion. In Mexico we know her as Santa Muerte but she’s well known in other religions, such Hinduism (Mother Kali), Celtic (Hecate) among others that you can find on the internet or related books. The transition from one stage to another, require completely remove something; if you hold the experience or want to merge your bachelorship with your new stage of marriage, you can put at risk one of the two states. It is not possible. You have to release a part of you that is probably not required for your new adventure. Every time that you let go some part of you, Saint Death comes to you and opens a gate for the next stage. We find Death everywhere, not only in the coffin, but all the times in which we start something new. You can’t avoid that. Being afraid or even punished by its appearance is to eliminate new ways to communicate with our own reality and with a deity that its a good nature spirit.


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