Angels…Who are they?

It is hard. Let’s admit it. We go to all these amazing blogs, people, psychics, books, pictures, oracles guided by some intriguing figure of what an angel is or might be in our minds.

Those pictures. So beautiful, so charming. We believe angels are like that. We want to believe that, and it sounds cool when you are so desperate moving to a place of comfort and love.

I have been working with angels since I was born. Those stories are full of meaning. Saved by the wings of an angel.

My mom told me that I tried to escape from my house when I was two years old. I didn’t try to. It was just a mistake. My father fell asleep. He didn’t know that I knew how to open the door and I practically ran away. When I was almost in the highway, somebody came to rescue me. He took me to my home. My mom was like crazy  looking from me and this man told her: next time keep the door locked. My mother was telling my father how irresponsible he was. The man disappeared.

The next day and for weeks my mother tried to find this amazing man. Nobody saw him. Nobody knew him. He was wearing the uniform of the neighborhood. My mom tried for several days, and nobody could answer her questions about this strange man.

It is not the first time that this kind of event happened in my life. I think it happens every day. We are alive for an important reason but angels might be different from what we believe them to be.

The issue about the wings. I haven’t seen an angel with a pair of wings. As a matter of fact, I haven’t seen an angel in my entire life. Not an Archangel. To be precise, I have felt the touch of the angel and even the “free will.”

Great. I told the angel once. Great, instead of being aware of my life, you tell me at the end of my tragedy that it was free will. You are not an angel. By the way, I don’t see your wings. You just tell me things that actually have never happened.

The angel grabs my head. I can feel the energy all over my head, like tickles. Stop. I am so sad.

That is up to you. Free will. The angel keeps telling me about the free will. It is my guardian angel. It is like me but full of life, of hope. He tells me that time is just different in their realm.

Actually in most realms time is quite different. Practically it doesn’t exist.

Asking favors of angels is something that can help.

The angel continues with his chat. All the amazing things that a creative mind creates resonates with the universe and is inside of you. What you ask, what you write – it already happened. I can tell you that it already happened.

It is impossible to argue with an angel. And, speaking of archangels, those are more difficult to get into a deal.

I am under the order of the archangel Gabriel. Yes, Gabriel, that angel who leads with his energy, writers, communicators, some leaders, teachers, and other religious people. Gabriel is the only archangel who is supposed to have more female energy than the rest. He should be with the woman. Right? She should understand our point of view of freedom, of forgiveness, of wearing some type of clothes, to enjoy sex with several partners, to lead over our bodies when we get in trouble, to choose having an abortion because we used our famous free will and we don’t want to carry the responsibility.

Gabriel is quite different. I remember the first time I called her. Bring me a nice message, one of those that are written in the book of my life.

Try to avoid thongs.

What are you talking about. What an amazing message. Uff, that will help me a lot. Do you have any other observation about my underwear.

It seems that is too tight. The belly is a sacred part. The energy its not flowing at it should. What it has to do with my wishes. Wishes are in there just waiting for the realization. The seeds are there.

I stopped wearing thongs, diva cups, wraps, and everything that could cause damage.

My relationship with the angel? No. My well being. I started feeling that my body developed colitis while I was wearing those amazing jeans that make me look skinnier.

We like angels. People like angels. We like the idea of having them in the four corners of our bedroom. They actually never tell us what to do. It is impossible by nature that the angel try to take control over our lives. It is not an angel thing. But they don’t wait for us to fall. They believe so much in the love that rises and are inside of us that they don’t move a finger or try to command our lives just because people think they are more advanced than the rest of us.

We have a feedback regarding angels. Put an angel in the middle of the street, full of traffic, of sounds, of images, and the angel won’t survive for five minutes. The same happens to us.

We live in different dimensions. Angels are divine creatures, just as we are. People ask if angels could be humans. It depends. They have the ability to awake a presence when we are struggling. They wake us up. Sometimes the awakening is not easy. They keep working with us. Our guardian angel never leaves us. We are attached. We don’t leave them and they don’t leave us. As I told you before, we don’t feel their presence, but we keep listening to their prayers, to their visions of God, to our own personal power, to how much we are worth in this life.

Before trying to contact the archangels, I definitely recommend you to focus on your own relationship with your guardian angel. If you have any questions regarding your guardian angel, I will be more than happy to help you. My relationship with them has been long. I don’t consider myself as an angel expert. They say that probably I am. I don’t pay attention to that. I tried to explain to people the nature of the guardian angel. He knows you. He is also in progress. He doesn’t complain, though. He is there.

If I could call an alter ego in a positive way. it would be your guardian angel. He intercedes with other spirits and people who have crossed over whom we want to get in contact with. He never leaves, but he is so respectful about our decisions that he’d rather just be there.


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